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T-Shirt Design Competition: The Big Sleep at SXSW

Next month, Austin, Texas will become a hive of new bands, new tech offerings and fresh new film releases as the South by Southwest conference rolls into town. Known as a conference where the best new talent is launched and discovered, SXSW is a magnet for tech companies, record labels and film studios with their eyes peeled for and unknown and unsigned gems.

Very awesome Brooklyn band The Big Sleep will be performing at this year’s SXSW conference. So impressed are they by the t-shirt designing talent on RedBubble, they’re giving designers the opportunity to create a limited edition t-shirt for their SXSW gig.

Image Credit: The Big Sleep album, single and EP covers

If you’d like your artistic prowess spread liberally around the greatest music conference in the world, it’s time to get your designing hat on. Also up for grabs is $200 of RedBubble cash, free tees, the Big Sleep’s debut album on vinyl & mp3 and some hefty promotion on our burgeoning Facebook page.

The New York press once described their sound as “The Verve meets Sonic Youth meets My Bloody Valentine meets the awesome dream you once had after you stayed up for three days straight”, so there should be plenty of aural stimulation to stir up your creative juices. We recommend listening to Ace while dreaming up some concepts for your design.

For more information, and to enter the competition, head over to The Big Sleep Competiton page.