RedBubble’s 5th Birthday

What do Jurassic 5, MC5, Ben Folds Five and The Jackson 5 have in common? They all declined an invitation to come to our 5th Birthday party. But we’re not going to let that bother us. We’re far too busy consuming our own body weight in sugar and playing Pin The Tail on the Developer as today marks five years since RedBubble was unleashed upon an unsuspecting internet.

We could mark the occasion with lengthy anecdotes about how our servers once lived in the trunk of a car, how our first office in the Bay Area had no windows or the time the warehouse which stored all our framed prints burnt down at Christmas but these all sound much more interesting when glossed over in one succinct paragraph. Instead, we’re going to celebrate our 5th Birthday by giving some stuff away.

Win Some Posters and T-Shirts. Huzzah!

To be in the running to win some excellent art and design, all you need to do is tweet @redbubble or leave a comment below, linking us to your favorite t-shirt or poster on RedBubble. We’ll pick a bunch of winners at random and each will receive their favorite item. Not too shabby hey! We’ve got 10 posters and 10 tees to give away so have a hunt through your favorites and let us know about the works that have made an impression on you in the last five years!