Farewell to Laminated Prints

Our product range is constantly evolving as we aim to strike the right balance between offering products that make your work look smashing, and that are appreciated by artists, designers and buyers. As part of this evolution, we’ll continue to introduce new products from time to time and occasionally we’ll remove items from the product range if they no longer sell well.

Sadly, there’s one product in RedBubble’s product menagerie that’s been spending an increasing amount of time on the bench. Never the strongest member of the team, Laminated Prints have been spending more Saturdays in, eating microwave meals for one and waiting for the phone to ring.

We’re not great at goodbyes but after careful consideration we’ve decided not to continue to offer Laminated Prints as part of our product range. We’ve booked them a lovely holiday (somewhere sunny with nice views) as a parting gift but the bus is leaving shortly. They’ll be in the departure lounge for a few more hours if you’d like to say your farewells and wish them all the best.