Creative New Year’s Resolutions: Win $300 Worth of Inspiration

Whether you’re a serial resolution maker or someone who prefers to take things as they come, it’s difficult to avoid the self-reflection that seems to happen at this time of year. For many, a new year is a time to pause and think about what’s been achieved in the past 12 months, and consider the things we’d like to tackle over the next year.

At RedBubble, we love seeing people grow and develop as artists and we’re particularly impressed when someone tackles something they’ve never tried before and learns something valuable in the process. So we’d like to give your creative new year’s resolutions an extra push by offering bubblers the chance to furnish your bookshelves with a little added inspiration.

We’d love to hear about something creative or artistic that you’ve harboured a secret desire to try, or an area where you’d like to focus more effort in 2012. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to improve your printmaking skills, test drive a drawing tablet or experiment with expired film. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of trying letterpress printing, refining your typography skills or dabbling with vintage cameras.

Simply tweet about your creative new year’s resolution between now and January 16th, using the hashtag #creativeresolutions, and we’ll reward three artists with $100 USD worth of inspirational art and design books of your choice. Winners will be announced here on the blog. Too easy!