The Weekly Wrap

It’s time for another wrap up of news and activity from artists on RedBubble. Here’s just some of the action we spotted this week.

Works by Megan Raphael

Works by Alvaro Sánchez

Work by Marion Chapman

Works by Miron Abramovici

Also, for those of you who enjoy time lapse photography it is well worth checking out this video from Australian Geographic of outback Australian time lapses by Dayman Steptoe. It features 104 000 images taken over the course of a year on digital SLR cameras. Thank you to Philip Johnson for sharing the link.

Congratulations to the artists above. Each week we feature a small selection of news, inspiration and achievements we’ve spotted but we’d really like this to serve as an intro to your own news. What was the highlight of your week? Have you got any creative projects planned for the coming week?