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Introducing iPhone Cases

Hot on the heels of Photographic Prints, we bring you news of another addition to Redbubble’s product menagerie – iPhone cases. There are two important facts about our iPhone cases. Firstly, they are extremely tough and secondly, the graphic is there for life. We know this because we’re having them made by Uncommon. Uncommon are an industry leader in making high quality, durable iPhone cases. They’re one of the few brands chosen for Apple Stores and they invented a printing process called TATT™ which embeds the design into the case. This means they’ll never fade or peel. There’s every possibility archaeologists will be digging these babies up in 3050 with your designs still intact.

Top: Clover Heart by Fay Helfer Above: Eddard Stark. Lord of Winterfell, Paramount and Warden of the North by Douglas Holgate.
Below: The Fens by daveyt and Tracking by matthewdunnart

Important Information About Linking Products

Now before you explode in a fit of excitement and rush off to add these to your portfolio, we have some very important information about linking products on your work detail pages. This will impact upon how you upload your work and organise your portfolios in future, so it’s important you absorb the following info.

With the introduction of iPhone cases, we’ve begun the process of enabling artists to add multiple products to the one work. Not all products are linked yet. ‘Phase one’ links clothing and stickers with iPhone cases. This has been rolled out today. ‘Phase Two’ will add prints, cards and posters to the mix, and will be rolled out in the not too distant future. This means that when browsers find an artwork they love they’ll be presented with all the product options for that piece of work, rather than having to dig through your portfolio to see if you’ve offered it as another product.

If you upload a new iPhone case or t-shirt design, you’ll notice an option to add another product from the upload page for that work. You’ll also find the same options if you navigate to the edit page for one of your existing t-shirt or sticker designs. So if you have an existing t-shirt design and you wish to add an iPhone case featuring the same artwork, you’ll need to navigate to the edit page for the existing t-shirt and upload a new template. You cannot link works or products which have been uploaded separately.

The best way to familiarise yourselves with these updates is to go and give them a good test run. We’ve prepared an FAQ with more information than you probably care to know about our iPhone cases, including how they’re printed, where they come from and the space age technology that goes into making them. There’s also a handy FAQ on things to consider when preparing your artwork. This should give you a good overview but if you have any additional questions, please drop us a line via support and we’ll do our best to answer them.

And Last But Not Least, Exciting News About Margins For Individual Products

While slaving over a hot stove, cooking up all this magic code, our Developers have also had time to whip up a technological souffle in the form of an update that quite a few of you have been requesting. Today we’ve also rolled out the ability to set individual margins for each product. For example, your photographic prints, cards and canvases can each have different markups, or your kids tees can have a different margin to stickers. Not too shabby hey?

We’ll be telling the wider world about iPhone cases in the coming weeks – once you’ve had the opportunity to work on a few designs. So you’ve got time to clear the diary and lock yourselves away for a few good iPhone case designing sessions. We look forward seeing what you come up with!

As we began work in the engine room this morning in preparation for our iPhone case launch, we learnt of this sad news. Steve Jobs was someone we greatly admired. A truly unique man who was responsible for some of the most beautifully designed products. As we look around the office, the Apple logo glows back at us from almost every surface. RIP Steve Jobs. The world won’t be quite the same without you.

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