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10 High Quality Free Fonts For Your Art And Design

There’s nothing we enjoy more than a stroll around the interweb, marvelling at beautiful typefaces. Sometimes you can spend hours searching for the perfect font for a project, so it’s always worth having a few great examples on standby. We thought we’d share a selection of our favorites – some only recently released, and a couple of old faithfuls. We’ve chosen these with poster design and type tees in mind, but you might just find they fit the bill for all sorts of creative projects. And thanks to the generosity of some talented type designers, they’re free for commercial use. Enjoy!

RBNo2 by Rene Bieder (View Licence)

Free Font: RBNo2

Lobster by Pablo Impallari (Further Info). Lobster has actually been around for a little while but a recent update Lobster Two is hot off the press.

Free Font: Lobster

Hero by Fontfabric (View Licence)

Free Font: Hero

Limelight by Eben Sorkin (View Licence)

Free Font: Limelight

Kiona by Michael Muranaka (View Licence)

Free Font: Kiona

Otama e.p. by Tim Donaldson (Licence information contained within download)

Free Font: Otama

Kilogram by KalleGraphics (Link contains usage information)

Free Font: Kilogram

Folk by Marcelo Magalhães Pereira – (View Licence)


Nunito by Vernon Adams (View Licence)

Free Font: Nunito

Matchbook by One by Four Studios (Further Information)

Free Font: Matchbook

Have you stumbled upon any great examples that have made their way into your work? Have you designed any yourself? We’re always looking for more great examples to add to our collection so we’d love to hear about them in the comments below!