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The Whale

Late last Friday evening Dean (aka pomgonwalkabout) was walking along Currarong beach, near Jervis Bay on the NSW south coast when he spotted a whale about 100 metres off shore. He returned at the crack of dawn on Saturday with his camera and telephoto to see if he could spot it again, only to find that the whale had beached itself during the night. Dean contacted NSW Parks and Wildlife and while he waited for them to arrive he found himself in a situation he knew he’d probably never experience again. Alone on a beach with his camera … and a humpback whale.

“One minute I was alone with the whale on the beach, then one by one a train of people appeared on the beach armed with buckets, towels and linen straight off the bed. To see them marching along that beach in the morning sun is something I shall never forget” …

It wasn’t long before locals arrived and while they waited for help they set to work, trying to save the whale. Soon NSW parks staff and volunteers from ORRCA arrived and they began their rescue efforts in earnest. Despite their tireless efforts throughout the day, sadly the whale didn’t make it.

You can read more about the story over at Dean’s blog.