The Weekly Wrap

It’s time for another wrap up of news and activity from artists on RedBubble. Here’s just some of the action we spotted this week.

Works by Victor Pugatschew

  1. Victor Pugatschew will be exhibiting his work in Daylesford, Victoria in November
  2. Neil Bygrave’s work was highly commended at the British Wildlife Photography Awards
  3. Kay Cunningham is exhibiting her work at Halls Gap, Victoria in October
  4. Jude Allman shared the story behind a recent painting

Works by Tahnja

  1. Tahnja shared some works in progress
  2. Danilo Lejardi shared the process behind a recent work
  3. Ben Kern and Alixzandra discussed whether it’s possible to schedule spontaneity
  4. Alan Harris will be exhibiting his work in Kurrajong, NSW

Works by Karen Gingell

  1. Karen Gingell has work in two exhibitions opening in Melbourne next week
  2. Tania Rose wrote about searching for her muse
  3. Miron Abramovichi’s image was Kodak’s picture of the day
  4. Cameron Hampton’s work will be part of an exhibition in New Orleans

Works by Genevieve Cseh

  1. Genevieve Cseh will exhibiting her work as part of NEOS in Scotland
  2. Sandrine Pelissier’s work will be part of an exhibition in North Vancouver
  3. Moshe Cohen shared some great behind the scenes images from a recent exhibition

And last but not least, Adriana Glackin shared a great video on staying inspired and working your way through a creative drought which we loved so much, we thought we’d post it here. We hope it provides a healthy dose of inspiration for the coming week.

Congratulations to the artists above. Each week we feature a small selection of news, inspiration and achievements we’ve spotted but we’d really like this to serve as an intro to your own news. What was the highlight of your week? Have you got any creative projects planned for the coming week?