A Treasure Chest Full Of Arrrrty Designs For International Talk Like A Pirate Day

Ahoy mateys! Each year on September 19 we don our eye patches, whack a parrot on our shoulders and make sure everything’s shipshape for International Talk Like a Pirate Day. To get us in the mood for all the plundering and grog swilling, we’ve gathered a treasure chest full of pirate flavoured sticker and t-shirt designs perfect for tying to the mast or decorating a peg leg.

But the piratey goodness doesn’t stop there! We’re a bit stumped as to what we should call a group of pirates. We don’t want to fight any longer (it’s carrrrnage at Arrr B HQ right now – someone’s forcing Mr Baxter to walk the plank as we speak) so it’s over to you. The swashbuckling vagabond who suggests the most inventive collective noun for a group of pirates will their own booty of pirate stickers.

And we don’t want any of your fancy English in the comments. Before hitting the comment button, you might want to run yout reply through the pirate translator. And don’t forget to state your pirate name so we know who you arrrrr. We’ve just got to trim our fearsome pirate beards but we’ll return to this tavern shortly to pick a winner. Weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen!