Weekend Project: The Automobile

Roger Taylor penned the song “I’m in love with my car” and it seems he’s not alone in finding inspiration in the charms of the automobile. Classic curves, crisp reflections, shiny duco and even rusty wrecks have charmed their way into many a portfolio so today’s post celebrates images from artists, designers and photographers who have been inspired by their love of the car. From vintage vehicles to modern machines, there might just be a little inspiration on a driveway or in a garage near you.

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Weekend Project: Your mission is to put aside some time this weekend to seek out inspiration in garages, car parks, streets and driveways near you. We’re looking for new works inspired by the car. You might want to focus on a small detail or create a tribute to your favourite vehicle. The challenge is open to all styles and mediums so we’d love to see all kinds of art including sketches or studies, collage, design, photography, printmaking and painting.

We’re keen to see the results so please post your works in the comments below once you’re done so we can marvel at your talent and creativity. And don’t forget we’re looking for something you’ve created especially for this exercise … so please post only new works below. There’s no pressure, no competition, no judging. It’s just an exercise to get the creative juices flowing and to give those right brains a workout.