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The Weird and Wonderful World of Google Analytics

Have you set up Google Analytics for your Redbubble account? What’s the weirdest stat or strangest insight you’ve come across? Here’s 10 random things we learnt this month from Google Analytics:


  1. This little cardboard guy’s name is Danbo
  2. 316 people found us by searching for Fancy Cat Drawing
  3. Only 167 people found us by searching for Alpaca (must work harder on Alpaca market)
  4. At least 343 people were trying to find Bill Gates’ yacht
  5. Lens fungus is no laughing matter
  6. One person found us by searching for “alpaca+al pacino” (now there’s a challenge idea)
  7. The plural of Jabberwocky is not Jabbawockeez
  8. An unhealthy amount of people would get sleazy for Ron Weasley
  9. Over 47,000 Italians visited Redbubble. But only one person from North Korea.


Lots of Italians … but only one North Korean