The Weekly Wrap

It’s time for another wrap up of news and activity from artists on RedBubble. This week we’ve spotted insightful discussions, interesting projects and a bunch of achievements we’re really quite impressed by. Plus many bubblers offering a ton of support and encouragement for each other’s efforts. Here’s just some of the action we spotted this week.

Works by Tordo

  1. Tordo invited Collage artists to take part in a collaborative project
  2. Linda Callaghan won The Rose Lindsay Art Prize
  3. RedBubble Writers shared ghost stories around a virtual campfire
  4. Artists in Copenhagen are organising a meet up in September

Copenhagen flavoured works by tore999, evStyle, Thomas Andersen and reflexio

  1. Alan Hogan will be exhibiting his work in Helsinki in September
  2. Colorado artists are organising a meet up in the Rocky Mountain National Park
  3. Anne van Alkemade had a win at the Lal Lal/Moorabool Photographic Exhibition
  4. Leni Kae’s work will be part of the Sydney Fringe Festival’s 5th Annual Google Exhibition

Works by Leni Kae

  1. Clive Meredith’s graphite drawings won two awards
  2. Odille Esmonde-Morgan will be catching the surf on the NSW/SEQ coast next week
  3. Genevieve Cseh and Anita Inverarity are taking part in a group exhibition
  4. Jason Greashaber had a win at the 2011 PPA International Print Competition

Works by Jason Greashaber

  1. Christina Rodriguez shared some great tips on using pastels
  2. Mike Oxley shared a glimpse of his current exhibition in Cornwall, Ontario
  3. Kathie Nichols discussed creating watercolour textures for stock photography
  4. Dmitri Matkovsky is part of Toronto’s UnUrban Path: Abstract Spirit of Russia exhibition

Works by Dmitri Matkovsky

Congratulations to the artists above. Each week we feature a small selection of news, inspiration and achievements we’ve spotted but we’d really like this to serve as an intro to your own news. What was the highlight of your week? Have you got any creative projects planned for the coming week?