The Weekly Wrap

We hope you’ve had a productive and creative week! This week’s wrap up features artists who have been busy guest blogging, organising exhibitions, sharing resources and recovering from meet ups. Here are just a few projects and pieces of news that caught our eye over the past seven days.

Works by Marlies Odehnal

  1. Marlies Odehnal is exhibiting her work at the Frankfurt Art Club
  2. Evelyn Bach completed her quest to write 500 words a day for 30 days
  3. Matt Floyd’s work was shortlisted for the 2011 Cork Street Open Exhibition, London
  4. Mariska, Anita Inverarity and others are exhibiting works in Brick Lane Gallery, London

Works by Mariska and Anita Inverarity

  1. Pam Hogg and Vickie Emms reported on a recent meet up
  2. Stephie Butler was part of the Society of Women Artists exhibition in London
  3. Barbara Deer shared some great resources for graphite artists
  4. Glendon Mellow is guest blogging about art on the Scientific American Blog Network

Works by Glendon Mellow

  1. Inese is exhibiting her work in Ballinamore, Ireland
  2. Cindy Schnackel is looking to get in touch with other artists from Arizona
  3. Firedrake posted a fabulous exhibition wrap up featuring some behind the scenes videos
  4. Ben Kern and others discussed overcoming a creative drought

Works by Ben Kern

  1. Mike Cressy produced a great video promoting his children’s book, Super Alphabet
  2. Peter Hill shared tips on colour and long exposures
  3. Janis Zroback was inspired by Billyboy
  4. Steve Leadbeater’s work is part of an exhibition on skateboard culture in Melbourne

Congratulations to the artists above. Each week we feature a small selection of news and achievements we’ve spotted in your journals during the week but we’d really like this to serve as an intro to your own news. What was the highlight of your week? Have you got any creative projects planned this week?

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