Google Analytics and Other Updates

Recently we’ve pushed out a handful of updates we think you’ll find quite handy:

Google Analytics: You can now link your RedBubble profile to Google Analytics, enabling you to track visitors and find out a whole bunch of interesting information about who has been viewing your work including the countries they come from, which pages are most popular and how people are finding you. Google Analytics can take a little getting used to if you haven’t used it before but it’s well worth spending some time familiarising yourself with how it works. The settings can be found under MyBubble > Account Settings > Google Analytics. We’ve also written a handy FAQ to get you started.

See Your Work in Groups: Head on over to a group overview page and you’ll see an edit button in the top right corner. Click on this and you’ll see the words ‘My Works’. One more click and hey presto – you can now see which works you have submitted to your group and including those pending moderation. We’ve also made removing work from a group much easier. You can remove multiple works in one swift click.

Preview Hidden or Private Written Works and Journals: We’ve added a preview button so you can now check the formatting for hidden writing and journals. You can now be sure your journals and written works look slick and stylish before you reveal them to the world.

We know there’s a wealth of knowledge in the Redbubble community and when it comes to Google Analytics, there are many bubblers who are already familiar with its use. So if you’d like to share any tips or discuss ideas on making the most of these tools, we’d encourage you to pop over to the Learning Center forum to chat with other artists.