The Weekly Wrap

This week there were loads of our favourite kinds of journals. The ones where artists generously share their insights, knowledge, advice and tips. As a result, we’ve learnt about tilt shift lenses, collage techniques, selling tees, writing graphic novels and the processes behind the creation of a couple of recent works. These kinds of journals are wonderful as they not only inspire us to try new things, they keep us curious and passionate about all things creative.

Works by Sally Sargent

  1. Sally Sargent shared some fantastic tips for creating collages
  2. Janet Davies is exhibiting her work in Devon, UK in June and July
  3. Plunder posted a great interview with Mike and Carol Werner
  4. Diesel Laws shared his thoughts on selling tees without selling out

Works by Diesel Laws

  1. Janis Zroback shared the tips and techniques she used to create a recent work
  2. Peter Hill taught us about using Tilt Shift Lenses
  3. Anya headed out for a nocturnal bubble meetup
  4. Zian Silverwolf shared a work in progress

Works by Zian Silverwolf

  1. Samantha Thompson made plans for a solo exhibition in Geelong
  2. Moonspiral celebrated her first magazine cover
  3. The Solo Exhibition group launched SoJie 10
  4. A group of Ohio bubblers will be at the Newport on the Levee Arts Festival this weekend

Works by G. Patrick Colvin, 8daab, Laurel Talabere and Joanne Mariol

  1. limerick shared her top ten tips for writing a graphic novel
  2. Justin Minns is exhibiting work in Dedham on the Essex/Suffolk border, UK
  3. A bunch of Aussie artists are part of an exhibition opening this Friday in Sydney
  4. Maree Clarkson and others discussed the importance of dating your work

Works by Maree Clarkson

Congratulations to all the artists featured above on their news and achievements and a big thanks to the many bubblers who have taken the time to show their support, leave generous comments or to offer help and advice. Each week we feature a small selection of the big news and the little wins we’ve spotted in the RedBubble community but we’d really like this to serve as an intro to your own news. What was the highlight of your week? Have you got any creative plans for the weekend?