Inspiration and Collaboration

Groups are the little villages within the RedBubble universe, organised around a subject, genre, style or geographic location. Theyʼre places where like minded artists can gather to learn, encourage, teach, take part in challenges, share information, organise meet ups and discuss the topics that are close to their hearts. These activities play a huge part in life on RedBubble and play a vital role in creating safe, friendly environments where people feel welcomed, supported and encouraged.

While groups can provide another way to share your work, this isn’t the sole purpose behind their creation and it’s certainly only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how much you can gain from being an active member in a group. People often tell us that their participation in group activities has lead to them forming strong friendships or bonds with other artists.

Being an involved member of a group of like minded souls can give us the confidence to get our work out there, be it in an exhibition or on sale at your local gift store. We can also inspire, and be inspired by, our fellow group members… to improve our craft, to step out of our comfort zones to try something new, or to work together on a group collaboration project.

A beautiful example of one such group collaboration is the Pink Panther Group who recently celebrated the relaunch of their Pink Panther Magazine. We loved this publication so much we swiped Baxters credit card and have a swag full of copies to give away!

For your chance to win one to call your very own, in the comments below we would like you to share your stories of RedBubble inspiration. How have your fellow RedBubblers helped you along your creative journey? Pink Panther host Anna Shaw will be helping us judge the entries and we will be in touch via bubblemail next week if you are a winner.