How to earn $100 on the internet!

Yes, $100. But first you have to check out these marvellous Buyers’ Booth winners. Unless you can think of any other way of getting to the bottom of the page.

I’m just going to report the comment I left on this: “Top right needs a caption like: “While I’m OK with you using my cuteness for your own personal financial gain you must understand I’m a busy man with companies to run and also when I’m older I’m going to put you in a home and spend your pension on women and hats.” $30 coming your way sjem, hide it from the child.

Normally when people are disappearing under a pile of (splendid) art produce in some kind of OHS nightmare they don’t smile. Not the case with dear Mieke Boynton at all, perhaps she just noticed she hadn’t finished unpacking that frame before she hung it. Money for you Mieke.

Holy badgers. This is an epic amount of effort to display a sticker. I was going to do one of those “Cost of sticker/beans/rubber things, blah blah priceless!” things but I am on a deadline so you’re just going to have to imagine how hilarious it was going to be. I’ll pause here so you can chuckle …………… ……………… Excellent efforts Teo.

There’s nothing remotely amusing about this at all. But it is wonderfully well presented and I think it’s important to occasionally give prizes to professional people too. We can’t just have fun all the time, because people complain. Fine work Aleksandra, here’s money for your efforts.

I wish I had the power to give away more than RB vouchers. The first thing I’d give you is enough money to pay for someone else to hold up all your art. Or perhaps just a nail. But I don’t, so a voucher it is Dwayne. Nice one.

Special Mention
Yes yes, I know, you’ve seen Meagan93’s reptiles on Buyers’ Booth before, but look firstly I guarantee you can’t stare at this without grinning, and secondly it’s a, um, an Elmo or a Wombat or something that’s ‘not a cat’ and the ‘cat’ to ‘not cat’ ratio on the internet is well off. Especially ‘not cats’ in Robin Hood outfits writing offensive postcards to Simon Cowell. Genius.


So how do I earn this money? Well, simple. I know you’ve all got lots of splendid RedBubble stuff made by all the immensely gifted people around you, so get it out, take a photo of the tee/print/card etc. and upload it to Buyers’ Booth. Post or link to it below and the best one in the next 48 hours will get $100 voucher. Some of the almost best ones will get something too I expect.

It’s almost a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Make sure you post your photos to the Buyers’ Booth, because I might give you a fancy financial prize.


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