Magnificent Macro Masterpieces

While noseying about on the interweb the other day we came across this inspiring little video celebrating the art of macro. It got us thinking about all the talented macro photographers on RedBubble and so we thought we’d whip up a post highlighting some of your work and sharing a few tips for those who have always wondered how it’s done and what’s involved. But first you should watch this small slice of inspiration because it’s only two minutes long and it’s quite lovely.

Macro photography is traditionally describes images which have a 1:1 ratio (or higher) between image size on the sensor and subject size but the term is also used to describe close up images of small objects. These images are usually taken using macro lenses or using the macro settings on a DSLR but as you’ll see from some of the tutorial links below, photographers are coming up with increasingly more inventive DIY hacks which can be fun to build and can result in some pretty creative macro images. Here are a just a few impressive examples of macro photography from talented artists on the bubble:

If you’d like to give this a try, there’s a whole wealth of information available if you have a search through journals on macro photography. A Google search will lead you to even more great ideas and tutorials but here are just a few useful links, hints, tips and tricks to get you started:

  1. Macro Photography Definition
  2. Macro Photography Tips For Beginners (video)
  3. Macro Photography on a Budget (Using a Pringles lens extender – genius!)
  4. Make Your Own Macro Lens
  5. Macro Photography for Beginners

If you’re looking for further inspiration or a place to share your own macro photography, you can choose from a number of macro groups on RedBubble, including Super Macro Photography, H2O Macro, Macro Water Photographic Gallery, Macro Untouched, Backyard Macro and Closeups, 1:1 Macro Photography, Flowers in Macro, Macro Magic!, Abstract Nature’s Macro Art, Bugs and Animals on Flowers in Macro and Abstract Macro Urban Art

Are you a seasoned macro photographer? Have you got any tips for bubblers who are starting out? Are there any tutorials you’d recommend? We’d also love to see your favourite macro photography in the comments so if there are any works by other bubblers which you have in your favourites, please feel free to share them below.

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