International Women’s Day

Tuesday the 8th of March marks the centenary of International Women’s Day and to mark the occasion, events are taking place in more than 100 countries. International Women’s Day is a celebration of respect and appreciation for women the world over, an opportunity to celebrate their achievements and to reflect on the social, political and economic issues women face today and in the future. The day is an official holiday in over 20 countries including Afghanistan, China, Cuba, Laos, Madagascar, Mongolia, Montenegro, Russia, Uganda, Ukraine, Vietnam and Zambia.

RedBubble is home to many talented artists whose art and writing highlight issues faced by women. There are a number of groups dedicated to celebrating women artists or discussing feminist issues and sharing works that raise awareness of these subjects. The Pink Panther Magazine and The Woman Photographer are just two that spring to mind but a group search reveals many more.

To mark International Women’s Day we’d like you to invite you to share images which celebrate the women in your life – portraits of mothers, sisters, daughters, grandmothers or friends you admire (and don’t forget to tell us why). If you’re not sure how to link, here’s a step by step guide. We’d also love to see your favourite works by women bubblers, particularly those that address social, political and economic issues faced by women. Are there inspirational women artists on RedBubble you’d like to highlight? And how are people celebrating International Women’s Day in your part of the world? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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