Inspiration: Architecture and Buildings

From and ancient monuments and places of worship to modern skyscrapers and famous landmarks, aesthetically pleasing architecture has long provided inspiration for artists. But some of the images below show that inspiration can also be found in the less obvious architectural details or the more mundane buildings we pass by every day.

Written works inspired by Architecture and Buildings:

  1. Legacies by George Hunter
  2. Old Columns by taylorsavvy
  3. Under City Lights by Melissa Park
  4. We Build Towers to Watch Them Crumble by Nataly B. Basave
  5. Architecture, a Reflection by Christopher J Lappin

If you’re looking for further inspiration or a place to share your own work, you can choose from a number of groups on RedBubble, including Architecture and Cityscapes, Contemporary Architecture, Hand Painted or Drawn Buildings and Architecture, Follies and Grottos, Castle Magic, Towns, Houses, Cities and Castles, French Architecture, London Architecture, Skyscrapers, Naval Architecture, Architectural Details and Architectural Photography to name just a few.

Mini Challenge: Over the next few days we’d like to challenge artists to come up with some brand new architecturallly inspired art, design, photography and writing. We’d like to encourage keen bubblers to put aside some time to venture out with your sketchbook, notepad or camera and immerse yourself in a some local architecture. You may not even need to step too far from your own front door. Perhaps some of the images above will inspire you to take different look at the buildings around you, from the eaves of your own home to the buildng where you work or the soaring sky scrapers in your nearest big city. We’d love to see what you can come up with so please pop back and show us the results in the comments below. If you’re stuck for ideas, these tutorials may provide a little more inspiration to get you started.

  1. How to Draw Buildings and Houses
  2. Photographing Architecture, a Beginners’ Guide
  3. Drawing Buildings Using Two Point Perspective (video)
  4. Beginner’s Guide to Architectural Photography
  5. Architecture Photography: A Quick Guide to Shooting Building Exteriors

Are you obsessed with architecture? Do you have any tips for bubblers who haven’t dabbled with this subject matter before? How do you approach drawing or photographing buildings or architectural details? Are there any tutorials you’d recommend?

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