Liu Bolin: The Invisible Man

Liu Bolin is a performance artist from Shandong in China who paints himself in order to disappear into the environment around him. At first glance, it’s difficult to believe that this isn’t some sort of digital editing trickery but creating these images is a painstakingly long process which involves a number of collaborators. It sometimes takes an entire day just to set up each shot.

The inspiration for the series came when his artist studios were shut down by the Chinese authorities to make way for Olympic development. According to Liu, The Chinese government had also expressed that it did not want artists gathering and working together. Liu’s describes his works as a silent protest. He also hopes they make people think about their place in the world and the environment around them.

Further reading and viewing:

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Thanks to Stephanie M. Wood for suggesting we highlight Liu Bolin’s work. Got an idea for a blog post? Let us know.

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