The Weekly Wrap

Some bubblers may remember that we used to publish a weekly wrap from the Community account, celebrating the big news and small wins we’d spotted around the bubble each week. We had to pop the wrap on ice for a while but we’ve missed hearing your highlights so we’ve polished it off and have decided to give it a little more limelight as part of the RedBubble blog. We thought it might be a little quieter around here post festive season but you’ve been quite busy it would seem! So without further ado, here are just some of the excellent things we’ve spotted this week …

Works by Kate Orth

  1. Kate Orth shared some commentary on a recent series of paintings
  2. Anne-Marie Ladegaard got some great advice on purchasing a budget macro lense
  3. 365 Notepads is looking for contributers for the very cool School of Faces project
  4. Cathryn Swanson showed us how she made her smoke art calendar

Works by Cathryn Swanson

  1. Bellmusker’s writing will feature on Australia’s Radio National this Saturday
  2. Ask Jessica Walker anything and she will answer your questions in a webcam video
  3. David J. Vanderpool progressed to the next stage of Saatchi’s Showdown tournament
  4. Larry Graham gave us some fantastic tips on chasing the perfect lightning photograph

Works by Larry Graham

  1. Rookwood Studio’s work is appearing at the Design Festa exhibition in Tokyo
  2. The Infinite Corpse Project marked two years of work on their never-ending digital collage
  3. Bubblers near Essex, UK can see Lloyd Harvey’s work at an exhibition in Southend

Works by Lloyd Harvey

  1. Rachael Talibart’s work is featured in January’s What Digital Camera Magazine
  2. Lynnette Shelley shared some images of works in progress
  3. Stephen Mclaren got some great advice regarding his up and coming Edinburgh exhibition

Each week we’ll be featuring just a small selection of the news, tips, insights and tutorials you’ve shared in your journals but we’d really like to hear from bubblers in the comments too. Is there anything you’d like to share? What was the highlight of your week?

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