The Weekly Wrap

It’s been another busy week on RedBubble. Once we’d managed to drag ourselves away from all the scribbling we were impressed by just how much good stuff you were journaling about. So without further ado, here are just some of the excellent things we spotted this week …

Works by Lisa Hayward

  1. Lisa Hayward shared some inspirational quotes about art
  2. A bunch of UK bubblers are meeting up near Tavistock in Devon on Sunday 30th January
  3. samedog finished his work for The Sketchbook Project
  4. Kasia Nowak reached the finals in the Wanderlust Travel Photo of the Year competition

Works by Kasia Nowak

  1. Cynthia Harris wants to know if Tassie bubblers would like to meet up
  2. Tim Andrew is having a solo exhibiton in Sydney
  3. Zolton told us why sharing her creativity is important
  4. David Barneda’s bears have their own iPad App

Works by David Barneda

  1. Brian Pelkey’s photo appeared in national newspapers in the UK, Brazil and Switzerland
  2. Danny shared the tale of a local inspiration
  3. Kymie is keen to meet up with Perth bubblers
  4. Hidemi Tada set himself an incredibly ambitious challenge for 2011

Works by Hidemi Tada

Many bubblers wrote journals this week about fundraising efforts for victims of the floods in Australia and other countries. Rather than try to link to so many journals in this post we’d like to invite you to post in the comments if you have any art related fundraising activities underway. This is just the kind of generosity we’ve come to expect from bubblers and we’ve been impressed by the support you’ve shown each other. Our thoughts are with those effected.

Each week we feature just a small selection of the news, tips and insights and you’ve shared in your journals but we’d really like to hear from bubblers in the comments too. Is there anything you’d like to share? What was the highlight of your week?

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