The Weekly Wrap

It’s been another busy week on RedBubble. Lots of bubblers are sharing tips and advice, preparing for exhibitions, creating fantastic new artwork and working hard on gaining a little more exposure for their creative efforts. Here are just some of the excellent things we spotted around the bubble this week …

Works by Martine Roch

  1. Martine Roch’s work was featured on the lostateminor blog
  2. Tigersoul’s work was published in Euro Weekly News and The Majorca Daily Bulletin
  3. Tabitha Jones and Shannon Rene’ Justice’s art impressed Twighlight’s Chaske Spencer
  4. Jaclyn Hughes and others had fun experimenting with Apophysis tutorials

Works by Jaclyn Hughes

  1. mikmcdade shared the progress of a design
  2. Tania Rose shared her thoughts on the benefits of creative partnerships
  3. Randi Antonsen shared some pictures from a recent exhibition
  4. Mitch Labuda’s work will be part of an exhibition in Columbus, Ohio in February

Works by Mitch Labuda

  1. Kym Slark’s work is being released on an Australian Stamp
  2. Modernistdesign got his tees stocked in a shop in Melbourne
  3. katakiosk’s work was published in 3×3 Illustration’s Annual No. 7
  4. Zane Paxton shared tips for photographers on planning what you want to capture

Works by Zaine Paxton

If you’d like the chance to appear in next week’s wrap, we’ll be keeping eyes peeled for journals showing works in progress or behind the scenes glimpses of your latest work. We’d love to see some journals showing the stages of development of a work, a technique you’re experimenting with or perhaps some insight into how you planned a recent shoot. We love seeing how other artists work and we’re always intrigued by the effort and planning that goes into creating your art!

Each week we feature a small selection of the big news and the little wins we’ve spotted in the RedBubble community but we’d really like this to serve as an intro to your own news. Have you spotted anything you’d like to share? What was the highlight of your week? Have you got any creative plans for the weekend?

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