The T-shirt Lifecycle

This weekend we finally took down the decorations and packed the cards away, vacuumed up the last of the pine needles, had a little tidy in the kitchen, sorted out the drawer that has all those bits of paperwork sticking out … and three hours later we found ourselves staring at our wardrobe with a steely look of determination.

Many people get the impulse for this kind of cleaning and sorting in spring (others never do at all) but we decided a new year wardrobe detox was just what we needed. So it’s a good thing Nick Foster has devised this extremely useful flow chart to assist us with the decision making involved in organising our vast collection of t-shirts. (Click on the image to see a bigger version).

The lifecycle of our t-shirts is usually a long one. While the undershirts and decorators don’t bear mentioning, most of our bubble purchases firmly remain in the best, keeper and special categories. And we’re sure that Twisted Sister 1984 Tour t-shirt will be worth a fortune one day so we can’t risk relegating that to the duster category.

So we want to hear about your all time favourite tees. What’s in the special pile? Have you parted with an old favourite only to later regret not adding it to the archives? Is there an old band t-shirt you just can’t let go of or something that’s long overdue for the duster bag? Are you still waiting for hypercolor to make a comeback? It’s time to fess up. And if you’re particularly keen, we’d love to see a few pictures of your most prized possessions or questionable fashion choices.

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