Sharing Your Art With Others: Building Confidence

We’ve all got that little voice of doubt in our minds. The voice that reminds us about the projects we never finished, that asks us whether we’re really good enough or compares our work to that of other artists. If we manage to push it aside while we’re creating something wonderful, it’s bound to be back, beating on the door when it comes to sharing our creations with others.

This voice motivates some artists to work harder but for many, these feelings of doubt can discourage us from either actively promoting our work or simply sharing our creativity with others. When we examine what it is that stops us from sharing our art with more people, we often find that some hurdles aren’t that difficult to overcome and that there are plenty of things we can do to help build more confidence.

It may sound simple but thinking about when your work has been appreciated can be an effective way to quieten that voice of doubt. Think about how you feel when someone you admire on RedBubble posts a compliment on your work. Remember the times your feedback or advice was valued, or when you were able to share a tip or technique with someone. Also, think about ways you can display your creativity more passively. For example, decorating your office wall with some of your photography or giving someone a gift with one of your own cards attached is enough to start a conversation about your work.

We may feel comfortable sharing our work here on the bubble but what about the wider world? Are you a confident promoter of your own work or do you sometimes find it hard to talk about your art or writing to others? Do your friends, family or work colleagues know much about your creativity? Do you have any tips for others when it comes to self promotion or sharing your creativity with others?