Photo Manipulation: Amazing Examples, Tips and Tutorials

Photo manipulation describes the application of a wide range of editing techniques. These techniques can be used to create complex, multilayered images or to make more subtle enhancements to your work. No matter what your style, the skills for basic photo manipulation are handy for any artist to have in their arsenal. RedBubble is home to many talented photo manipulators so to kick start proceedings, here are some amazing examples of photo manipulation we’ve spotted around the bubble:

Hear My Voice by Ian David Soar Life on the back of a shell by Matteo Pontonutti Heavenly Superiors by bcboscia410 The Stand Off by scott black Oak by Alshain Lovely Day by redtree The Last Ride Home by Cyanidejack Over the rooftops by Ursula Rodgers The KVR Collection by Tara Turner Gelé by swin Ice In July by jamari lior avec ou sans moi by les-brumes Fantasma by Martin Millar Letting Go by Stephanie Rachel Seely Ophelia by ravendusk Soul window by Carole Felmy walking the fine line by korinrochelle The Realtor by Mel Brackstone The view by catrinarno No Title 54 by Headcrime

In a recent post, we asked bubblers which subjects you’d like to learn more about and a number of artists said they were keen to enhance their photo manipulation skills, so we’ve pulled together a few tutorials we’ve found around the web which should help you to get started. We’ve aimed to find tutorials which cover a number of techniques but there are hundreds of tutorials available online so if you don’t find one to suit your needs here, we’d advise having a search for others.

  1. A Photo Manipulator’s Guide to Blending
  2. Create a Dark Melancholic Photo Manipulation Scene
  3. How To Create a Photo Manipulation with Your Own Photos and Textures
  4. Blending a Planet Transparently into a Photo Manipulation
  5. Add Brilliant Light Effects to Your Work with Photoshop
  6. How to Create a Fantasy Landscape Photo Manipulation

Where the Eagle Flys by Beve Brown-Clark Nothing to Crow About by Randall Nyhof cold feet by kitsch To bee... by nastyavesna *** by Krzysztof Wladyka A Final Performance by Ash Sivils One Step Closer by midnight80 Anagrammatic Polysemy by Septic

There are also a number of groups devoted to photo editing and manipulation so you can find much more inspiration in these group galleries and if you’re stuck or would like some tips from the experts, you can pop by group forums to ask for some advice.

  1. Enchanting Powerful Photo Manipulation
  2. Photo Manipulators
  3. Fantasy Fine Art Composites
  4. Digital Art Mastery
  5. Photoshop Masters
  6. PixElations – The Art of Photoshop
  7. The Digital Interface

One last thing we’ll mention is the issue of stock usage and accreditation. Many generous artists offer their stock for use by others but there are often conditions attached to the usage. If you’re using someone else’s images, textures, brushes or elements in your own work, we urge you to check the conditions of usage and any relevant licenses to ensure you respect the rights of the original artist. Not only is it good etiquette, it will ensure you avoid any potential copyright issues.

Are you a seasoned photo manipulator? Have you got any tips for bubblers who are starting out? Are there any tutorials you’d recommend? We’d also love to see your favourite photo manipulations by other bubblers in the comments so if you have any works you love, please feel free to share them.