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Mr Baxter’s Valentine’s Gift Dilemma

To: All Bubblers
From: Mr Baxter
Subject: Help Needed

Hello Bubble World,

Yesterday when flicking through my Rolodex I was horrified to realise I have just under one month to arrange something fancy that will knock Mrs Baxter’s pantihose off on Valentine’s Day (metaphorically speaking). Last year I gave her a set of screwdrivers, a garden hose and a half eaten Snickers. To say she was unimpressed would be putting it mildly. Instead of staggering blindly through the minefield of hearts, flowers and romance, I have decided that the future of the Baxter marriage is far safer in your capable hands. So I need your help to find some excellent art with a romantic flavour to adorn our walls. If you can show me your suggestions in the comments below, that would be lovely.

Please don’t suggest your own work as I have already searched tirelessly through your portfolio and have shortlisted some choices. If you could spread the love around by pointing out some great works by other artists, I’d be very grateful as I haven’t had time to look at those yet.

If you’re feeling generous, I’d also like some suggestions for romantic gestures I might be able to arrange. Nothing too racy please. Mrs Baxter has a weak heart and under certain circumstances, so have I. But if anyone has ever done something romantic for you, I’d like to copy their ideas.

So in summary, post your suggestions for Valentine’s art for Mrs Baxter in comments below along with any ideas for romantic gestures. Admirers can send their cards to the usual address.

Mr Baxter – Officer of Outsourcing Romantic Dilemmas

PS: To get things rolling, here are a few images which cause a warm sensation in my chest cavity (though that may be heartburn). I’ll add some more suggestions from your comments to this list.

Valentine by Vanessa Barklay Companion by littlearty Two Chairs by Fiona Braendler     

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