Minimalist Design Posters And A Mini Challenge

Kyle Tezak’s project The Four Icon Challenge is a perfect example of deceptively simple but clever visual communication. Kyle has set himself the task of summing up some of his favourite books and films using only four icons:

It takes good conceptual skills to successfully communicate a message using only the simplest of shapes. Graphic artists across the internet have embarked on their own minimalist takes on movie posters, book covers and pop culture icons, fine tuning their visual communications skills in the process. Some of our favourite examples include:

Pedro Vidotto’s Minimal Film Posters

Eric Slager’s Minimalist Muppets

Olly Moss’s Minimalist Movie Posters

Albert Exergian’s Popular TV shows

A Mini Challenge: We’d like you to try your hand at creating your minimalist design poster using only basic shapes or icons. Your subject can be anything from a film, book, TV show, famous album or you could reference a moment in history or a current news event. Perhaps start by thinking about iconic moments or visual cues that are memorable or that sum up the story or message. Try to restrict your use of color and if you’re using text, aim to keep it as crisp and clean as possible. Try working with classic fonts rather than decorative or fussy ones. You can find some great free fonts at Dafont.

Once you’re done, paste your designs in the comments below. You can find more information on creating image links in this guide. And just a reminder to be mindful of potential copyright and trademark issues when referencing books, movies and other pop culture subjects in your work. Make sure you avoid using imagery based on licensed characters or elements which may be subject to copyright.

You can find even more inspiration in the Minimalism, Movie Art, Poster Art and Graphic Arts groups.

Have you created similar poster art? Do you have any great examples of minimalist graphic design or poster art from the bubble and beyond which you’d like to share? We’d love to hear about these in the comments below.

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