Inspiration, Tips And Hints On Photographing Snow

If you’re in the UK right now, chances are you’re looking out your window at a lot of snow. There are widespread warnings only to travel if essential, airports and motorways are at a standstill and countries that cope much better in snowy conditions are looking on in bemusement. For many in the northern hemisphere, snowfall is a regular occurrence and a great excuse to head out with the camera.

Sun, Snow, and Storm by John Barratt

The best thing about snow is that it makes everything look beautiful. So while we wait for they skies to clear, we’ve decided to do some swotting up on how to make the most of this wonderful, white landscape. Bubblers in warmer climates are welcome to join us in marvelling at the white stuff but we understand if you’re far too busy soaking up the sunshine! Here’s some wonderfully creative, snow inspired art, design and photography to get the rest of us in the mood for venturing out into the cold.

Snow Photography: The endless walk by Geir Floede Snow Photography: Heartshaped Alley Winter Nude - Entrance at Stora Mölla Sweden by Christer Fribrock Snow Photography: Snowflake by RaceyTay Snow Design: Bigfoot time by Exit Man Snow Photography: The Bleakness of Winter by geoff curtis Snow Photography: Blurry cold by Sandrine Boutry Snow Photography: Lapland Reindeer bt Trifle Snow Photography: Ash Street by StopGo Snow Photography: Snow Hope by James Stevens Snow Art: Cottage in the Snow by Glenn Marshall Snow Photography: Glamour Snowflake by Georg Wacker Snow Photography: Into the wild by whatwesee Snow Photography: Love The Snow by valyeszter Snow Photography: First footsteps on first snow by Explosive Snow Photography: Winter wonderland by morganfalk Snow Art: Vlad and Lev confront the Great Bear by Daniel Rodgers Snow Art: Frozen Dreams by AsylumWitch Snow Photography: Toy Town by Richard Durham Snow Art: The Last Snowfall by Tara Turner Snow Art: Snowy Day II by J Anderson Snow Photography: Britannia Pier - Winter by Simon Wrigglesworth Snow Art: Cold #3 Abstract cityscape by Samuel Durkin Snow Art: Winter card by Anastasiia Kucherenko Winter Art: Manor in Winter by Rasendyll

If you’re an absolute beginner, the number one tip we’ve picked up while browsing tutorials is to adjust your exposure. Your camera will compensate for the brightness of the snow and as a result, everything will come out looking grey and miserable. The following tutorials contain tips on getting the best results when photographing snow, plus some ideas and inspiration for those unusual and inspiring shots.

  1. Quick Tip: Photographing Snow
  2. Light Metering Tips In Snow Photography
  3. Focal Length, Shutter Speed And Aperture When Photographing Snow
  4. How To Take Photos Of Snowflakes
  5. Tips On Shooting Snow And Ice
  6. Long Exposure Night Snow Photography
  7. Winter Wonderland Photography: Fantastic Examples & Tips
  8. Get Great Images When Photographing Snow
  9. 50 Beautiful Winter Wonderland Photos

If you’re currently looking out your window at a winter wonderland, we’d love to see the artistic and creative works you’ve created as well as images that show how much snow has fallen in your part of the world. Please feel free to post these in the comments below.