Inspiration: Sticker Art Wallpaper

Like creative magpies, we’re gathering quite a collection of fine stickers and there are only so many laptops, fridges, diaries, skateboards, children and pets* we can stick them to so we were pleased as punch when we spotted Payton Turner’s amazing hand-stickered wallpaper installation. Mr Baxter has already started reproducing a nice bold floral design on the RB HQ toilet walls (at least we think that’s why he’s spending all that time in there). Hats off to you Payton, these look lovely.
* some of these surfaces are not recommended

Payton Turner's sticker art installation

Payton Turner's sticker art installation

Payton’s installation has inspired us to have a nosey around RedBubble for some great examples of sticker designs from talented RedBubble artists. Here are just a few we’ve come across in our travels:

Sticker: Waiting Bomb by by DaveCT Sticker: Frannies Flight by Anita Inverarity Sticker: Petit Prince by sandygrafik Sticker: Secret Place by Yvonne Less Sticker: Tankers gotta go! Citycrusher's mission by Adew Sticker: Help Me! by Andi Bird Sticker: Monkey by MisterVintee Sticker: Day of the Dead by ccourts86 Sticker: Pirate Material by thedoctor83 Sticker: Double Rainbow - OMG by DetourShirts Sticker: zombie angel by curua Sticker: Zombie Jr. by fizzgig Sticker: robot love in color by Alejandro Durán Fuentes Sticker: Extreme Coffee by wotto Sticker: Cthulhu Lives by missmonster

If you have any great examples of sticker art from other artists on RedBubble we’d love to see them in the comments below. If you love all things sticky or would like to show off your own designs, why not checkout the the Cool Stickers group for more inspiration.

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