Inspiration: Home

We often come across works that artists have created as a tribute to where they live or the places they grew up. These images often capture the nature of a place far better than the subject matter found in guide books or on picture postcards. The descriptions conjure up feelings of nostalgia and show a deep affection for the places that are dear to the artist’s heart. They may be tales of longing for places they visited or lived long ago or great appreciation for what they see when they wake up each morning.

“When I think of home I think of a place where everyone knows my name, and my parents’ name, and my grandparents’ name. A place where it doesn’t matter how long I stay away, I am always welcomed back with open arms.”diLuisa

“I am an Australian girl living a long way from home! I love where I live, but also get very homesick from time to time. Home will always be important to me, no matter where I am :) …”RabbitHeart

The following images capture something special about the places they depict. Some works are by locals who have lived in one place all their lives, others are by visitors who’ve been moved by their stay, and some capture the sense of anticipation when returning home after being away.

Imagine your job is to convince us to visit the part of the world that’s most dear to you but you can only do this by showing us one image on RedBubble. Which image reminds you of home or captures the essence of where you live? If you can’t find one that sums up how you feel, why not create one? You may also be interested in A Place To Call Home, a group devoted to “artwork that gives people a sense of home”.