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Inspiration: Eames and the Polaroid SX-70

In 1972, Charles and Ray Eames produced an eleven minute film explaining the Polaroid SX-70 Camera. The film is a wonderful slice of nostalgia but it also contains some fascinating and detailed information on how these cameras work and the technology contained within them. Combine that with some lovely examples of images captured by the SX-70 and a few inspirational words about the art of photography and you have a film that almost effortlessly fires up your creativity.

quick search reveals that a few bubblers are also fans of both Polaroid and the SX-70. Here are some of the gems we’ve discovered. If you’d like to pore over some more Polaroid perfection, why not check out the Polaroid Lovers group, and if you’ve dabbled with instant film we’d love to see the results, so you’re welcome to share your experiences and images in the comments below.

Polaroid: Wild Black Horse by MoiMM Polaroid: Fleur by Apogeion Polaroid: Honeymoon Dream by Brenda Mangalore Polaroid: #007 byPaul Desmond I would like to be a photographer by Reyo Polaroid: still IIII by bluecitrusart Polaroid: Wagner Park by Wendy Cook Polaroid: Good Earth by Jolie Polaroid: Untitled instance of light by Elinor Scott-Sutter Polaroid: We'll eat fancy cake by Morgan Kendall Polaroid: Standing Above Titan by Jim Robertson Polaroid: Off The Hook by Cameron Stephen

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