How To Photograph Live Music

While not everyone has been privileged enough to carry a press pass at a big gig, many of us have found ourselves in front of a stage, camera in hand, hoping to capture that amazing live music shot. We know that amongst the ranks of talented RedBubble photographers we have some passionate music fans who have done an incredible job of capturing the essence and energy of live music.

Sonja by RapidEdith Kings of Leon by GrifGrif Still Life by Scott Bilby Tame Impala by Lara Luz Leonard Cohen plays live by Desmond Cannon Bella Took gig by armgw Joey by David Johnson Talons by Alex Marks AFI 2 by Vief Patton by mediasynthesis Jane's Addiction by Annie Wilson Deathstars by John Raptis The Roofies by Elisabeth Tainsh Metheny Live by Farfarm by jayessaitch)!:http://www.redbubble.com/people/jayessaitch/art… State Of East London by Emily Loughnan

If you’d like to see more images like these, there are a number of RedBubble groups celebrating live music, including Almost Famous, Live Music Photography and Let There Be Rock. Live music photography can present a number of obstacles and challenges for photographers so we’ve searched for a little information on taking better live music shots. Here are a few tips we’ve found.

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Smoky Gig by fursid buskers bykathy archbold Blood Red Shoes - Laura-Mary Carter by brian ravaux Airbourne Live by Mark Snelson

Whether you shoot live gigs for a living or you’ve captured your friend’s gig at the local, we’d love to hear your tricks, tips and insights into photographing live music. Which image are you most proud of? Is there a story behind how you captured it? Do you have a favourite from another artist on RedBubble?