Beautiful Book Cover Designs

Some of the best book cover designs are works of art, inspiring readers and designers alike. They play an important role in visually communicating the contents of a book and compete with other titles on library and bookstore shelves to catch the eye of potential audiences. Book cover design makes an interesting brief for designers and artists. Many art and design teachers set projects on book cover design to help students practice and refine their visual communication skills.

Beautiful and classic book designs inspire collectors, adorn loungeroom walls and are the subject of exhibtions. Arguably, some of the most celebrated and classic designs come from Penguin Books. A glimpse into Penguin’s history shows a passion for good design that stems from the very beginnings of the company in 1935. Here are a few examples to inspire:

Images from Things Magazine – the Pelican Project

Penguin’s Clothbound Classics

Penguin’s Great Ideas Series

A quick search reveals a number of RedBubble artists who have tried their hand at book cover design, ranging from works inspired by their favourite literature to designs and jackets for their own stories. Below are just a few we’ve spotted. If you’re looking for more inspiration, why not head over to The Book, Comic or Graphic Novel Cover Club or The Art of Books group.

Have you designed a cover for a book? Has a written work on RedBubble inspired you to create an artwork? We’d love to see examples of works inspired by the written word, or your own book cover art in the comments below.

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