Van Gogh Tilt-Shifted Into Life

We’ve all enjoyed a bit of tilt-shift photography now and again. A cunning technique of using a tilt-shift lens (or PhotoShop) to turn images of reality into mind bending tiny models. But only recently did art student Serena Malyon come up with the idea of using this technique to add a depth of field and give an essence of life to everyone’s favorite Post-Impressionist’s daubings.

It was done for Artcyclopedia for reasons of ‘fun’, which is the best reason for anything. Technically it’s not actually tilt shift, it’s strategic blurring along the same principles. Nonetheless it’s a very fine bit of Neo-Post-Impressionism.

We have our very own Tilt Shift Group and a myriad of tilt shift photography on RedBubble. Or if you fancy having a go yourself, we even have a Community post with a few tilt shift tutorials.

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