Postcard Poetry


Postcards are the waypoints on our journey. Dispatched from Brighton or Beirut they let people know where we have been. And our poetry marks the travels of our soul.

So we thought, lets bring the two concepts together – postcard poetry.

The idea is simple: you need to write a poem that can fit on a postcard and also nominate an image you would like as a background. Our judges will them select three postcard poems which some design genius at RedBubble will work up into the final product. If your poem is chosen you will receive 25 copies of the postcard to mail off to all your friends (or stick on your fridge).

You could be an inaugural RedBubble Postcard Poet. If the concept seems to work we will continue and build up a collectable series.

Here’s an example of how we might make it look and to give you an idea of length. A word count is tricky, but a maximum of 20 lines would be appropriate. You can get a closer look here.


Post your poem or a link to your poem in the comments below. It will then be in the running. Be conscious of the length. We also like Paradise Lost but we don’t have a postcard big enough for that. Think haiku, sonnet or ode length.

And ideally find an image that you would like as a background. It needs to be reasonably understated, not too busy. There is no need to choose relevant image and it can be abstract. But please ask permission. And if it’s unsuitable we may choose an image for you.

There is no need for you to put the poem and the image together. This will be done when we select those works we are going to publish.

We will leave it open till Wednesday to put your poem in the comments and will then see how it looks. We will announce which three poems are to be published next weekend.

Add Postcard Poetry to your watchlist to keep and eye on the winners.

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