Making Future Magic – Light Painting With An iPad

Own a DSLR? Yup. Own an iPad? Maybe. Right, well you should be able to whip up an animation of faux-holographic-light-painted-insanity sharpish. Ah, actually you’re also going to need a massive collection of geeks to do some programming for you, but then, then you’ll be ready.

Dentsu & Berg have recently collaborated and developed an extraordinarily clever thing to do with lots of quite expensive equipment. Whether you understand exactly what an iPad might be for, you can’t deny that there’s some very clever people trying to work it out on your behalf.

We’d like to explain the exact process, but it might be best if you just watched them do it. It’s not the most gripping thing but the future will be interesting for tech centric filmakers. Here’s the actual videohoho…

We actually have some fine groups on light painting if you don’t have an iPad. As well as excellent long exposure and even 3D images

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