Supporting and encouraging other artists

The generosity and support that artists on RedBubble show each other is something that makes the community unique. We encourage each other by leaving positive and meaningful comments, favouriting works and adding artists to our watchlists. Some bubblers also do an incredible job of spreading the word about other artists through newsletters, interviews, journals, by maintaining blogs and other through activities. Many group hosts in particular are tireless in providing opportunities and exposure for others. Take a look at some of these examples:

Inside Solo

Inside Solo is a magazine featuring members of the Solo Exhibition group. F.A. Moore and team produce the weekly magazine and it includes news, features and articles and celebrates the achievements of group members. Past issues of Inside Solo are available here.

Earthmonster Illustrated Magazine

Editor Mark (aka earthmonster) produces Earthmonster Illustrated, a monthly e-magazine showcasing RedBubble talent. They’re packed full of interviews, tips and tricks, artist features and spots from guest contributers. If you’d like more information about the magazine, head over to the Earthmonster Group.

Group Newsletters:

A number of hard working hosts also produce regular group newsletters, including:

  1. Painters in Modern Times
  2. International Heroes of Drawing, Illustration and World Domination
  3. Photo Manipulation
  4. Geelong Throng
  5. Tee HQ

Group Projects and Opportunities:

In 2008, the Melbourne and Victoria group organised a group exhibition at Rialto Towers. Both The International Superheroes of Drawing, Illustration and World Domination and the Flash Fiction groups recently put together books featuring works from group members. Earlier in 2009, the Australian Travel Photography and Writing group organised a competition giving the winner a chance to be featured in Australian Travel Magazine. The Ruby Tuesdays meet regularly to share ideas and collaborate on photoshoots. The Game of Kings are a group of designers who have worked closely together to produce a series of works and an accompanying story.

Danny and Barbara Glatzeder show off recent group projects, plus the Game of Kings and The Ruby Tuesdays collaborations

These are just a few examples of the types of projects that we know take a lot of energy and effort to organise so we’d like to thank the group hosts and artists who work so tirelessly to provide opportunities to raise the profiles of others.

Images by EileenLangsley, pdandrews, jan lakey © Passionate Pixels, and Wendi Donaldson

We wholeheartedly encourage the sharing of works and the promotion of other artists when done in a positive and respectful way. These types of activities reflect the values behind RedBubble. They give artists the opportunity to have their work seen by more people and they provide well deserved encouragement and acknowledgement.

A few tips when promoting other artists:

  1. Use small thumbnails rather than larger previews unless you have permission.
  2. Images larger than small thumbnails should have attribution (at least the artist name).
  3. Always link back to the works. There’s some info on creating image and text links here.
  4. Include some commentary. Let us know what you love about the artist or the work.
  5. If you have time, drop the artist a quick bubblemail to let them know.
  6. For more info see our guidance on featuring in journals and forums

Does your group have a regular newsletter? Have you been involved in a group project? Perhaps you’re planning something for the new year or maybe you’d like to thank your group host. If so, please feel free to let us know in the comments below.