Blurry, Beautiful, Lensbaby

We have four Lensbaby winners in the Embrace the Blur Lensbaby challenge. The winning entries (by popular vote and curatorial pick) are:

The artists are sashdc, lywylde, Reynandi Susanto and JudyBJ. Each of these artists will receive a remarkable Lensbaby Composer.

This has been a fabulous challenge at RedBubble with 1876 works entered. There are some of the most moving and imaginative images we have ever seen in one place. In recognition of this we have picked out a further 4 images as curatorial picks to receive a $100 RedBubble voucher. They are:

There are innumerable other great images but here are the rest of the top 10 popular and a few others that just caught our eye.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in this challenge. I want to particularly thank Lensbaby who have been a great sponsor. Now wouldn’t a Lensbaby be an eye-popping stocking filler?