Giving Your Right Brain a Regular Workout

Tips and Tutorials

Open Discussion: Does Disconnecting Help Your Work?

"...not everything to which we are connected, brings us value."

Self-Promo Image Examples to Help Nab Last-Minute Shoppers

Spread the word in a hurry!

Open Discussion: Does Working within Constraints Help Your Art?

...especially during the holidays.

Open Discussion: How Do You Know When Your Artwork is Finished?

When is enough, enough?

The Plight of Finishing What You Started

It's never easy.

5 Big Trends for the Holiday Season

What do your customers search for when it's time to gift?

Open Discussion: Do Artists Have to be Egocentric?

Does being "arrogant" help?

Avoiding the Inspiration Trap

The Inspiration Trap will leave you sitting around for days, weeks, waiting for a fleeting moment of clarity that may turn out to be rubbish in the end.

How to Be a More ‘Selfish’ Artist

The good kind of selfish.

Open Discussion: What Do You Do to Let Your Creative Mind Rest?

There's no one way to relax your brain. So how do you do it?

The Best Ways to Prepare Your Shop for the Holidays

Get that shop in shape.

Open Discussion: What Scary Art Inspires You?

Scarily inspiring stuff.

Design Ideas that Look Great on Mugs

We think you may already have work that is perfect for this new product!

Open Discussion: How Important is Fear to Your Artwork?

"Making art is dangerous and revealing."

Open Discussion: What Do You Do When Your Creative Well Dries Up?

Suddenly, inexplicably, my creativity ran dry. Now what?

3 Reasons to Create for Calendars

More than just an office supply.

The Importance of Having a Facebook Fan Page

Perfect for sharing holiday promos.

Open Discussion: Do You Ever Play Creative Games to Kickstart Your Art?

Do you give yourself a handicap to make creative work?

7 Trends to Help Inspire Your Best Autumn and Winter Works

As the weather turns, so does fashion.

How to Find and Choose the Perfect Artistic Mentor

Keep your eyes peeled for older, wiser creative types.

Open Discussion: What Did You Learn from Your Worst Art Mistake?

What good came from a horrible error?

The Importance of Self-Imposed Deadlines

Do it...or else!

When Good Art Materials Go Bad

When do your art materials expire?

Open Discussion: Do You Create Work for Specific Products?

Do you cater work to phone cases, pillows, prints, and beyond?