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Destruction and Creation: The Power and Freedom of Collage

Combining Type and Illustration with Redbubble Resident George Rose

Never start at the start, thats boring, just start somewhere.

Talking Independents: Commerce vs. Creativity

"I hate 'the starving artist' myth as much as 'the designers work for free' myth. I believe art and design are legitimate pursuits worthy of respect."

Featured Artist: RB Resident Andy Thomas

"No one can teach you dedication and determination..."

Featured Artist: RB Resident Marian Machismo

"Redbubble reminded me of the importance of staying true to yourself regardless of the final product or destination."

Welcome Redbubble’s Newest Artists-In-Residence

Say hello to the new kids on the block.

RB Residency Artwork Comes to Life at ‘Made in House’ Event

Our little birds leave the nest.

Featured Artist: RB Residents Creature Creature

"We love the problem solving aspect of art making."

Love Your Flashy Ways with Redbubble Resident Marian Machismo

The idea of creativity is a trap.

Masterclass: RB Resident Andy Thomas on Imitating Nature

My inspiration comes directly from nature.

Redbubble Residency Applications Now Open

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Inside the Sketchbooks of our Artists-in-Residence

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5 Reasons Why Collaborating is Important

"Two brains are better than one."

5 Questions with Redbubble’s Artists-in-Residence

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Introducing Redbubble’s Artists-in-Residence

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