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Art News

The Importance of Making Mistakes

Jazz musician Ben Sidran explains the importance of screwing up in public.

These hyperrealistic oil paintings are straight from the uncanny valley

Korean artist Kang, Kang-Hoon's oil painted portraits are stunningly realistic.

Watch this woman’s life flash before your very eyes

Artist Anthony Ciernello documented the inevitable effects of aging to stunning results with this short film.

Neil Gaiman’s Advice on Art, Writing, Freelancing and Creativity

If you're in need of something inspirational to light your fire on a Monday, this is well worth a watch.

Tips on Logo Design. From

If you've ever wondered what it takes to design a great logo, this video is probably not what you're looking for.

An Interview with Mike Perry

With his love of hand drawn type, making a mess with paint and ink and photocopying his face, it's no surprise that Mike Perry is one of our creative heroes.

Process Video: Alyssa May’s Digital Painting

Alyssa May (aka Penguinstein) is just a little bit talented in the digital painting department. Watch and learn as she shares a process video for recent RB Found feature, Crabapillar.

Psychic Land (Warning: May Break Your Eyeballs)

Craving a quick dose of colorful, animated inspiration? You'll be needing a one way ticket to Psychic Land then.

Free Printable Bookplates

We’ve whipped up some free downloadable bookplates for embellishing sketchbooks, your kids favorite stories, most prized art and design reference books and other book-like things.

Paperman: New Advances in Animation from Disney

Created with a new in-house technology called Meander, Paperman effortlessly merges hand drawn animation with CG techniques.

Creative Catharsis: Client Feedback as Poster Art

A group of creatives, designers, animators, directors and illustrators have turned some of their most frustrating client feedback into hilarious and cringe-worthy poster art.

Instant: The Story of Polaroid

A wonderfully vivid and quite spellbinding account of the hubbub surrounding some of the countless inventions of Edwin Herbert Land and his company, Polaroid.

Kinetic and Motion Typography

Kinetic typography is just a fancy way of saying ‘moving words’ or animated words that …

Graphic Design Before Graphic Designers

A beautifully illustrated account of the period between the invention of the Gutenberg press and the advent of Graphic Design as a career.

The Fall of the Berlin Wall in Pictures

Farewell to the Volkswagen Bus

Pictoplasma: Bringing Character Design to Life

We cornered Pictoplasma cofounder Lars Denicke for a quick chat about the evolution of Pictoplasma and what makes great character design.

New Modernist Type

Physicists tell us that one can travel immeasurable distances by folding three-dimensional space in half …

Can Meditation Help You Be More Creative?

Comics Sketchbooks: A Peek at Sketchy Brilliance

Anniversary of the First Hasselblad on the Moon

The Human Canvas: Tim the Tattoo Man

"I am no artist. I am an artwork. When I die my skin will be removed, framed and given to the owner at that time."

Matt Willey’s Photofit Self-Portrait Project

Duncan X Tattooist UK designer Matt Willey has an impressive resume. He has worked as …

An Introduction To Bauhaus Design

Architecture by Re’em Eyal An Introduction To Bauhaus Design by Beth Douglas Bauhaus, German at …