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Art News

Photo Series Documents Costumed Curiosities at Home

Visit the homes cosplay enthusiasts in Klaus Pilcher's "Just the Two of Us"

Marvel at Andreas Englund’s Aging Superhero Portraits

"I'm getting too old for this s**t."

A Salute to Movie and TV Title Sequence Design

"The movie inside of a movie."

Witness ‘A Brief History of Video Game Title Design’

How have the title screens of games from "Donkey Kong" through this year's "The Last of Us" changed over the decades?

Art Spiegelman’s Conflicted Relationship with ‘Maus’

“ that ‘Maus’ is in classrooms everywhere, it’s sometimes used in ways that distort it. It’s sort of Auschwitz for beginners.”

Up to $1 Billion in Art Stolen by Nazis is Recovered

What may ultimately amount to around $1 billion in stolen modernist art, was found in a German flat.

Horror Posters from Around the World: The Classics, Revisited

Our month-long series comes to an end with a look at the greats.

Artist GMUNK Shows Off His 3D Art Creation Process

"The Geo project is just kind of a personal project of exploring things that I love."

Couple Marries in Guerrilla Ceremony at Art Museum

Said the groom: "It's kind of my church."

Horror Posters from Around the World: Teutonic Terrors

A look at horror movie poster design from Germany.

Art Makes You a Better Person (Maybe)

Do we require that the best art "improve" us as human beings?

This Video of Dogs Shaking Off in Slow Motion is a Work of Art

It's also kind of gross.

Daily Inspiration: Late Sculptor Anthony Caro on Choosing the Creative Life

"I just didn't feel that I could push pieces of paper around and think about money..."

Red Means Rage: Why Color Matters

Use this handy chart to help navigate the psychological minefield of color.

Horror Posters from Around the World: International Blood Suckers

These posters vant to suck your blood.

What Does Banksy’s ‘Ghetto 4 Life’ Image Say?

Isn't the point of the most exciting art to provoke, to draw out, and to divide consensus?

Horror Posters from Around the World: ‘The Evil Dead’ is Global…and Groovy

"Hail to the king, Baby."

Daily Inspiration: Just Because You Love Something, Doesn’t Mean You Have to Do it for Free

"We have this narrative that somehow art that comes from poverty or from suffering is more valuable..."

See a 17th Century Painting of a Dead Frog Turned into Digital Art

"Dead Frog with Flies" for the 21st century.

Horror Posters from Around the World: Attack of the Big Floating Heads

Attack of the big floating heads!

Help Redbubble Artist Dan Aragon Unleash ’31 Monsters’

Help fund the horror.

Daily Inspiration: ‘Dilbert’ Creator on ‘Hacking’ His Brain

"There's nothing that's really impossible..."

Top 11 Typography Terms that Sound Like Death Threats

"Come a step closer and I will DROP CAP!"

Daily Inspiration: The Man Who Built His Own Forest Amusement Park

"A branch falls, a leaf floats down, a biird flies by, a stone rolls...that's how my ideas are born."