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Art News

6 Famous Artists Who Died Poor and Alone

Or: Artists Who Had Worse Days Than You

‘Twilight Zone’ Creator Rod Serling Talks Pre-censorship

"There is a problem of public taste in which there is a concern for eliciting a negative response from a large mass of people."

Money to Burn: How the KLF Turned a Pile of Flaming Cash Into a Work of Art

They could've just given it to me.

Meat Your Alphabet: Designer Creates Fleshy Font

For those who feel like the world has too few gross letters.

It’s Children’s Authors & Illustrators Week at Redbubble

Welcome to the RB world of children's illustration.

That Time Keith Haring Was on ‘Sesame Street’

Can we agree that "Sesame Street" is the true arbiter of cultural cool?

Pick Your Poison: How to Make Famous Artists’ Favorite Drinks

Fancy a Boilermaker with Bukowski?

Is Physical Interface-free the Future of Art?

Will we reach a point where artists eschew physical in lieu of virtual interfaces?

Rats! David Lynch Does Vermin Horror in this 1991 NYC Anti-littering PSA

As if rats weren't already creepy enough.

Classic Paintings Come to Life (and Death) in Short Film ‘BEAUTY’

Yep, this is awesome. And terrifying.

‘Can City’ Shows Us the Future of Sustainable Design

Trash becomes furniture.

6 Artists Who Predicted Their Own Deaths

What is that feeling? And where does it come from?

Max Hattler’s ‘AANAATT’ is a Masterpiece of Stop-Motion Animation

This video demonstrates the mind bending time, effort and dedication it takes to make an animation old-school, without any post-production or after effects

Webcomic Rips Into People Who Rip Into People Who Photograph Everything

xkcd has come to the defense of compulsive photographers the world 'round.

This Video is the Perfect Representation of the Creative Process

It's chaos.

‘Her’ and the Creative Impulse

How Spike Jonze's film is as much about art as it is about love.

Let All Your Worries Melt Away with Henrique Lima’s Trippy Work

And we mean MELT.

See ‘Pulp Fiction’ as an Animated 8-bit, Side-scrolling Short

8-bit royale wit cheese.

What the Heck Happened to Modern Movie Posters?

This video color-codes the depressing state of today's movie posters.

Year of the Selfie, Meet the Selfie of the Year

An artist turned a year of selfiies into one animated GIF.

Dieter Rams’ 10 Principles for Good Design

His advice is elegant and simple, and still remains true since its publication in the 1970s.

So You’ve Alienated Half of Your Audience – What Next?

"When creators can sense a demand for something new...then they have a chance of disrupting the market."

Animated Short Details One Man’s 40-year Alcoholic Journey

A heart warming tale for the holiday season.

Being a Genius Doesn’t Give You a Free Pass to Be a Jerk, Right?

Is that creative jerk you know more prone to narcissism?