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Art News

Pantone Announces Color of the Year 2016

Get ready to see a lot of Rose Quartz and Serenity.

Coloring Books Aren’t Just for Kids: 6 RB Artists Who Want You to Color

Come color inside the lines (or outside, if you're a rebel).

If You Like Banksy, You’ll Love these 5 Redbubble Artists

Get your street art fix here.

Talking Style and Books with Vloggers Christine Riccio and Kat O’Keeffe

Books are everything.

Remembering San Francisco Artist Rex Ray

Rest in peace, Rex Ray.

Day of the Dead, Sugar Skulls, and the Question of Cultural Appropriation

Día de los Muertos is NOT Mexican Halloween.

Open Discussion: Who’s Going to San Diego Comic-Con?

How many days do you attend? Anyone up for meeting for a drink and talking art?

ICON8: Inspiring Sights and Sounds from the Illustration Conference

"It's a helluva time to be an illustrator."

6 Artists Who Started (Very) Late In Life

Proving that it's never too late to start.

Is Instagram Changing How We See Art?

Instagram enables viewers to interact with art in new ways.

9 Unique and Inspiring Instagram Accounts to Follow


Flash Factory Make CMYK Come To Life

An exercise in visual pleasure.

Getty Goes Free(ish) with Their Image Library

Getty them while they're hot. (sorry)

Book Review: We Love ‘We Are Indie Toys!’

This could easily become your next obsession.

6 Famous Artists Who Died Poor and Alone

Or: Artists Who Had Worse Days Than You

‘Twilight Zone’ Creator Rod Serling Talks Pre-censorship

"There is a problem of public taste in which there is a concern for eliciting a negative response from a large mass of people."

Money to Burn: How the KLF Turned a Pile of Flaming Cash Into a Work of Art

They could've just given it to me.

Meat Your Alphabet: Designer Creates Fleshy Font

For those who feel like the world has too few gross letters.

It’s Children’s Authors & Illustrators Week at Redbubble

Welcome to the RB world of children's illustration.

That Time Keith Haring Was on ‘Sesame Street’

Can we agree that "Sesame Street" is the true arbiter of cultural cool?

Pick Your Poison: How to Make Famous Artists’ Favorite Drinks

Fancy a Boilermaker with Bukowski?

Is Physical Interface-free the Future of Art?

Will we reach a point where artists eschew physical in lieu of virtual interfaces?

Rats! David Lynch Does Vermin Horror in this 1991 NYC Anti-littering PSA

As if rats weren't already creepy enough.

Classic Paintings Come to Life (and Death) in Short Film ‘BEAUTY’

Yep, this is awesome. And terrifying.