Giving Your Right Brain a Regular Workout

Daily Inspiration: The Time Arthur Rimbaud went Insane

"The story of one of my insanities."

Featured Artist: Leah Flores on Taking Care of Yourself

"Ultimate relaxation to me is being out in the woods and soaking it all in with my camera."

Daily Inspiration: Tadao Ando on New Technologies

Tadao Ando is an architecture demi-God.

Piece of the Week: ‘Graphic 117 X’ by Mareike Böhmer

This POW is a testament to the beauty in prioritising simplicity.

Daily Inspiration: Yoko Ono on Leaving Work Unfinished

Leave it undone.

This Productivity List Will Totally NOT Change Your Creative Life

Let's do the "productivity mambo" now.

Oh, Deer! Feast Your Eyes on this Lovely Collection of Fine Does & Bucks

Deer make for excellent illustrative subjects.

Daily Inspiration: Hermann Hesse on Letting it Storm

"Say yes to everything, shirk nothing."

Open Discussion: What’s Your Work Playlist?

What do you rock to when you create?

9 Android Apps that Make Promoting Yourself Online Fun and Easy

Androids need love too.

Daily Inspiration: Chuck Close Says ‘Get to Work’

"All the best ideas come out of the process; they come out of the work itself."

‘Twilight Zone’ Creator Rod Serling Talks Pre-censorship

"There is a problem of public taste in which there is a concern for eliciting a negative response from a large mass of people."

Featured Artist: Jane Newland on Creating Character

"I like to imagine them as real beings as I draw."

Daily Inspiration: Arnold Bennett on A Living Truth

"At moments we are all artists."

How to Make Your Own Brush Textures in Photoshop

Give your brush strokes some depth.

Daily Inspiration: Ray Bradbury’s Real-Life Science Fiction

"Science fiction is any idea that occurs in the head and doesn't exist yet."

Piece of the Week: ‘Conjoined Twins (No.1)’ by HermannNewman

A weird and majestic work

Daily Inspiration: Bob Dylan on Whatever It Takes

Just do "whatever it takes to make it work."

Money to Burn: How the KLF Turned a Pile of Flaming Cash Into a Work of Art

They could've just given it to me.

Meat Your Alphabet: Designer Creates Fleshy Font

For those who feel like the world has too few gross letters.

The New Stuff: Position, Resize, and Preview New Work

Easy as 1,2,3...

Daily Inspiration: Zaha Hadid on Keeping it Raw

"I like architecture to have some raw, vital, earthy quality."

4 Ways to Purge Your Digital Life


Daily Inspiration: Miranda July’s Tips for the Easily Distracted

These tips may just set you free.