Giving Your Right Brain a Regular Workout

Dribbble Meetup Melbourne: Passive Income for Designers

How to make money while you sleep.

ART+MEL Takes Over the Streets of Melbourne

The two day art event without the white walls.

Open Discussion: How Do You Know When Your Artwork is Finished?

When is enough, enough?

ART+MEL: A Look at Day 1

Over 100 featured artists. 12 Beds. 2 Locations. And that's just day 1.

Piece of the Week: ‘Weird Love’ by WOLFSKULLJACK

A place where dopamine levels skyrocket.

The Plight of Finishing What You Started

It's never easy.

Art+Mel: Behind the Scenes

A peak behind the (invisible) walls.

Weekend Inspiration: Ursula K. Le Guin On Art and Commerce

"...the name of our beautiful reward is not profit. Its name is freedom."

5 Big Trends for the Holiday Season

What do your customers search for when it's time to gift?

Redbubble Talks: The Importance of Collaboration

Work together.

Piece of the Week: ‘You are here’ by Nicolae Negura


Art+Mel: An Art Event Without the White Walls

RB is taking over Melbourne.

Open Discussion: Do Artists Have to be Egocentric?

Does being "arrogant" help?

Weekend Inspiration: Seth Godin on Making a Connection

"...if there isn't that leap that leads to're not making art."

Avoiding the Inspiration Trap

The Inspiration Trap will leave you sitting around for days, weeks, waiting for a fleeting moment of clarity that may turn out to be rubbish in the end.

Piece of the Week: ‘Between Two Lungs’ by Nimosa

Simply beautiful.

How to Be a More ‘Selfish’ Artist

The good kind of selfish.

Open Discussion: What Do You Do to Let Your Creative Mind Rest?

There's no one way to relax your brain. So how do you do it?

Weekend Inspiration: Jerry Seinfeld on Staying Interested in Your Work

"If you're more interested in what you have're screwed."

Piece of the Week: ‘Observation’ by Sarah Sifers


The Best Ways to Prepare Your Shop for the Holidays

Get that shop in shape.

Redbubble Gets Artsy for Halloween

Happy Halloween.

Day of the Dead, Sugar Skulls, and the Question of Cultural Appropriation

Día de los Muertos is NOT Mexican Halloween.

Piece of the Freak: ‘Cartoon Zombie Party’ by Martyee

A shamblingly charming Happy Halloween to you.