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Redbubble Staycation Artist Challenge

It’s vacation time. When people head to the beach, mountains, theme parks, or wherever for sun, fun, and something else that rhymes with sun and fun. While that sounds nice, us creative types can’t always take the time to just up and leave. We make art. It’s what we do. And art-making usually takes place indoors. In small rooms. Small lonely rooms.


That’s why we’re announcing the Redbubble Staycation Challenge. Over the next 4 weeks we’ll issue 4 different vacation-themed creative prompts to make new works for a bunch of awesome products. Each week a winner will take home $100 and get featured on the Redbubble homepage.

Here’s the deal:

  • We give you a theme that’s trending this season
  • We assign you a product like a tee, tote-bag, or pillow
  • You use the theme to create some NEW designs
  • You share your new work using #RBSTAYCAY and #Redbubble on Instagram
  • You upload your designs to Redbubble and make sure to use the hashtag #RBSTAYCAY
  • You could win (Read the full terms and conditions here.)

Got it? Let’s go.

Week 4

Summer is almost upon us. What a perfect time to stay indoors. No crowded beaches. No reservations needed. For the final week of the Staycay challenge, imagine yourself somewhere tropical and create a NEW design perfect for notebooks, mugs, and tote bags.

To enter, upload your new tropical design to your Redbubble shop on a notebook, mug, or tote bag using #RBSTAYCAY. Then share the design on Instagram using the hashtag #RBSTAYCAY and tag @redbubble.

All entries must be uploaded before Friday May 26th by 11:59pm PST.

If you want to spread the word about your designs, download our custom Tote Bag Template. (Example Below). This templates works much like our previous templates.

"Drunk Toucan" by tonyriff

Week 3

Week 3 was all about animals. Winner announced soon.

You can still download our New Duvet Cover Template and Throw Pillow Template (Examples Below). These templates work much like our previous templates.

Featured art: “Slumber” by freeminds

Featured art: “Astro Cat!” by Animalcrew

Week 2 – Finished

Week 2 was all about geek culture.Congratulations to the winner, Judith Loske with her geeky role-playing kitties!

You can still download our new Lightweight Hoodie Template and Lightweight Sweatshirt Template (Examples Below). These templates work much like our previous templates.

Featured art: “Alien Monster Movie” by jarhumor

Featured art: “Role Playing” by Carbine

Week 1 – Finished

The first week’s challenge was all about floral inspired designs.Congratulations to the winner, Frank Moth!

You can still download our new Scoop V-Neck Template (Example Below). This template works much like our previous templates.

Featured Design: "Popoki by littleclyde

Keep up to date with the challenges at
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(Header image feature “Pink Couch” by em3ricadam)

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